Active Ninja’s

I have been attending Active Ninjas for the last 4 months. Go-karting was my favourite. The Support Workers are awesome, they are all ‘dags’! I have fun attending the outings. One word to describe the Active Ninja group – AWESOMENESS!

– Jackson


In July I was lucky enough to be taken to Sydney University by Dr Karl, and introduced to some physicists and scientists who are working on anti – matter, among other things. I was able to spend time in the Physics Lab with these scientists, who have offered to mentor me until I reach Sydney Uni in a few years. It is thanks to Lifebridge that I was able to get to Sydney. Because of that visit, I now have people I can talk to about my ideas, who will be as excited by them as I am, and will understand me. So Thank you Lifebridge for helping me to begin this partnership with Sydney University.

– Arlo.

Siblings Group & Little Men’s Group

My family has been involved with Lifebridge for approximately two years and we have found the overall service offered to be invaluable to myself and to my family. My girls attend the Siblings Group. The group is fantastic, my girls love going. They socialise with other children with siblings of high needs, helping them to normalise a little bit.

My son attends the Little Men’s Group which provides him with the opportunity to partake in activities that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to provide. Since attending, we’ve noticed he has become far more settled at home and at school and his concentration level is continually improving.

Lifebridge provides a sense of community for my son, something that is very important for me as a parent and for my son. The services that Lifebridge offer and the therapies that he receives provide me with the confidence that my son will gain independence and will help prepare him for the world as an adult. Thank you to Lifebridge.


I do art, computers, music and dance. I also attend Crossroads. I like to buy tea and coffee from the van and I also like making my own. I also enjoy being close to Tweed City Shopping Centre and visiting all the new shops. What I like most is all the new friends that I have made here and the fun we have together.