CEO Update – May 2018

The recent announcement of 14,000 additional Home Care Packages from the 2018-19 Federal Budget is very welcomed news. We’re proud to be supporting Australians to live independently in their homes for longer. This increase to allocated packages means that more people will move off the waiting list and receive packages...

Federal Budget Review: Disability & Aged Care

The good, the bad and the indifferent. We take a look at Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison’s 2018-2019 Budget and highlight the key points that may be of interest to you and your future plans.

A Scheme responsive to the community

In early March 2018, the NDIA published the NDIS Pathways Review in response to resounding feedback that the Scheme was falling short of expectations. The review looked at the interactions participants, families, carers and providers have with the Scheme and where there have been gaps.

You've got your NDIS Plan, what now?

You’ve got your NDIS Plan, what now?

Received your NDIS Approved Plan, but not sure what to do now? Learn what steps you need to take to begin implementation and what supports you can receive.

What is a Service Agreement?

What is a NDIS Service Agreement and what is its purpose?

A Service Agreement is a written agreement (contract) that exists between you and your provider of choice. The purpose of a Service Agreement is to provide a set of rules that you and the provider will adhere to.

Things you need to know about an NDIS Service Agreement

Things you need to know about a NDIS Service Agreement

Before you begin receiving supports from a Service Provider, you will need to set up a Service Agreement with them. Understand what is a Service Agreement and what are the things you need to look for and understand.

NDIS scheme rolls out across NSW

On July 1, Lifebridge Australia officially commenced our operations under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Now available statewide people with disability are at the centre of decision-making.

What does ‘Reasonable and Necessary’ mean?

Finding it difficult to understand what ‘Reasonable and Necessary’, means? If you’re in the process of transitioning to the NDIS you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase ‘reasonable and necessary’, and probably with great prolificacy at that. But what does ‘reasonable and necessary’ mean and why is it important to understand? ‘Reasonable...

The Weekly Q and A

Did you know, each week the NDIS publishes a news item called the Weekly Q and A? Find the answers to your questions and clear up any ambiguity.

Protecting People under the NDIS

Transparency is important. Understand your rights, what you are entitled and the role of your provider as a participant under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).