Lifebridge Australia is a community not-for-profit organisation with over 30 years experience in Disability, Aged Care services and Carer services. Established in 1987, Lifebridge today still operates with a continuing passion to deliver exceptional service to the aged and people with a disability to help them to achieve their goals.

We play a vital role in the lives of our customers and families, providing the supports they require through a range of services designed to enhance independence. We deliver a person-centred approach that enables our customers to live their lives, their way. We treat each and every customer with integrity and respect each customer’s individuality. At Lifebridge, we provide our customers with choice, control and opportunity so that they lead their plan and the goals they want to achieve.

When you join Lifebridge, you enter a cohesive and supportive community and will receive a tailored approach that’s right for you.

Our Vision

Lifebridge aspires to see independence and inclusion for the aged and people with a disability.

Our Purpose


Our Values

Fundamental to the ‘Lifebridge Way’ are our core values which govern our operations in their entirety. These values are the framework that guide our decision-making and hold Lifebridge accountable to our customers.

Together these values form the foundation of our strategic framework and as employees we are compelled to uphold them to deliver a positive impact on the lives of our customers and families.


We seek to excel in everything we do and deliver the best outcome for our customers.


We are true to our word and actions, and our behaviours reinforce this.


We strive to find new or better ways of doing things to meet our customers’ needs.


We are customer focused, outcome driven and business-like in the way we work.


We are one team that respects our customers’ individual rights and potential as well as our colleagues’ skills, talents and contributions.


We earn and instill trust by listening, being open, communicating well, being transparent and accountable for our actions.