Gold Coast Disability Expo 2019

The Gold Coast Disability Expo is set to be the biggest and most anticipated Disability Expo on the 2019 Gold Coast City Calendar. Lifebridge Australia will be in attendance at the Expo, showcasing our range of Disability Programs. Our expert Team will be on site ready to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

Travel Safe

Our travel safe program allows participants to gain the confidence and capability to travel independently. Gain valuable skills such as navigating the public transport system, how to read timetables and transport safety. Activities for this group include bowling, movies, travel to Brisbane and mystery tours.

Schools Out

Looking for something to keep you active during the school holidays? Want the chance to make some new friends?The School’s Out Group, for under 18’s, is operational during the NSW school holidays and gives participants a chance to build social and life skills whilst accessing various local community venues. School’s out, let the fun begin.

Kids Art (KART)

Our Kids art classes are a fun filled way to explore your individual creative potential. Learn how to work with a wide range of artistic styles and mediums in a supported environment. Our gallery and artist workshop is located at Shop 1, 131 Murwillumbah Street and you are most welcome to pop in and say hello.

Guys Gang

The Guys Gang is designed for young males, aged from 12 upwards to develop their social skills and build friendships with other participants in the group. Activities are decided by the group and can be individually catered to each participant.

Giving Back

Make a difference and give back to your local community. In this group participants work with local charity groups such as You’ve got a Friend and Meals on Wheels to prepare healthy meals for the homeless, aged and disadvantaged people in our community. Learn about volunteering, food preparation and socialisation with people from all walks of life.


Get dressed up, hit the dance floor and make some new friends. The Disco Committee put a great deal of planning and effort into each event to make sure everyone, regardless of their ability, is assured of a great night. Each Disco has a different theme with the chance to win some great prizes.

Chill Out

In today’s busy world, it is almost essential that we just chill out every once in a while. Our Friday Chill Out Group is all about taking the time to relax and do the things that make us happy. Whether it be taking a walk along the beach, catching up with friends for lunch, soaking up the sun in the park or just hanging out, the chill out group has it covered.

Barefoot Bowls

Enjoy a few laughs with barefoot bowls, an easy to learn game played in a social and relaxed atmosphere. There will be a trainer present for those people who need a little extra assistance.Take off your shoes and join in the fun with our barefoot bowls group. BBQ lunch provided.


Have you ever felt a sense of awe while looking up into the night sky, filled with millions of stars? Have you ever pondered the nature of the planets, stars, galaxies and the Universe itself? In our Astronomy group you will have the chance to learn about the sun, the moon and our solar system. You will be amazed at just what is out there and you will never look up at the sky the same way again.